Vintage Bath Inventory

Get it now. I usually have many reclaimed antique bathroom tubs and sinks in stock, already restored, refinished and ready for your immediate installation.

Call for availability. 5-foot and 5.5-foot clawfoot tubs are almost always available, they are the most common size. Some may be ready for pickup, and others are waiting to be refinished. 4-foot, 4.5-foot, and 6-foot tubs are rarer and in higher demand, so I don’t always have them in stock.

Standard Pricing

 4-foot Clawfoot Tub  $1450  Wall-Hung Sink (w/ original bracket)  $350
 4.5-foot Clawfoot Tub  $1450  Corner Wall-Hung Sink  $450
 5-foot Clawfoot Tub  $1150  Standard Pedestal Sink  $450
 5.5-foot Clawfoot Tub  $1250  Oval Pedestal Sink  $650
 6-foot Clawfoot Tub  $1750  Large Oval Pedestal Sink $1250

Custom colors are available. If you want a special color on the outside of your clawfoot tub, just choose a color swatch with a color number from any paint store, and I can reproduce it. $50 charge.

Faucet Holes Filled & Smoothed. I can modify standard clawfoot tubs for use with faucets that come out of the wall instead of through the side of the tub. Click here for a picture showing how this looks. $75 charge.

Tub & Sink fixtures: Advanced Refinishing LLC is a distributor for Strom Plumbing, by Sign of the Crab; they make beautiful, very high quality reproduction antique fixtures for clawfoot tubs and vintage sinks. There are many choices of design and finish. I can assist you in ordering the right fixtures for your tub. Pick them up at my studio when you pick up your tub or sink, or have the fixtures shipped directly to you


Refinished clawfoot bathtubs on display at an outdoor pubic art forum “Ooh La La” in Seattle (May, 2008)

Recycle! I can refinish a variety of vintage bath and kitchen pieces. If you find a bathtub or something special at a local building salvage store, bring it to my shop to be refinished in any custom color or finish to match your decor. Below are some favorite local building salvage companies who carry antique fixtures and other wonderful collectibles.

The ReStore
Seattle Building Salvage
Second Use
Earthwise Architectural Salvage
Re-Use Consulting
Skagit Building Salvage

Got feet? Click here to see some some examples of bathtub clawfeet that have passed through my shop in the past, to get an idea of the variety of foot styles. There are many different styles of feet, and they are not interchangeable– each tub’s design may only accept one or two foot styles.

You can have clawfoot bathtub feet custom-made at a local bronze foundry in Tacoma: Creative Castings. If you have at least one example foot, they can make a mold of it and reproduce it to get you a set of four feet. Alternatively, if you don’t have any feet for your bathtub, you can take it down to their shop and see if they have a model that will match. They have dozens of molds, so odds are good that they can make feet to fit your bathtub. The bronze feet are pretty in their unfinished state, but I can also refinish them to match your bathtub, in any color or style you like.