The most typical things I refinish are:

  • Bathtubs
  • Shower stalls
  • Sinks
  • Fiberglass bathtub & surrounds
  • Tile
  • Counter & table tops

Other services I offer:

  • Custom color matching
  • Granite look counters & other surfaces
  • Non-slip bathtub surfaces

Many other things can be refinished besides a bathtub– kayaks, pool slides, metal cabinets and work benches; to name a few things I’ve done in the past. I can refinish things in your home, or you can bring them to my studio in Snohomish (by appointment only). Call to inquire about special projects. Take a look at my photos page to see examples of some of the things I’ve done. All photos on this website are actual examples of my work.

Standard Refinishing Pricing

Refinishing can be done in your home with minimal impact to your living space. Prices shown below are for the area from Mt. Vernon to Seattle. A trip charge will apply for jobs outside of this area.

Bathtub Only- Starting At: $475 One-piece Fiberglass Shower Unit $675
Stripping Bathtub Finish* $200 Clawfoot Tub, Inside Only, In Your Home $525
Tile Above Bathtub- starting at: $475 Clawfoot Tub Refinish, Inside & Out,
+ All 4 Feet (done at studio)
Non-slip Bottom Surface on
$45 Refinish Claw Feet (set of 4)**  $100
Shower Pan $425 Duplicate Clawfoot in Bronze (single)*** $75
Pedestal Sink $450 Kitchen Sink- starting at: $425
Wall-Hung Sink $350 Bathtub & tile above tub – starting at: $750

*Stripping: If your bathtub has been refinished previously, and the finish is failing/peeling, the tub will need to be stripped to the original porcelain before the reglazing process.
**Refinishing Claw Feet Only:
If you are happy with the rest of your tub and just want the feet refinished, I can sand the feet down to the base cast iron and re-glaze in the color of your choice.
***Missing a foot? I can have duplicates made for you, cast in bronze, and then paint them to match the rest of the feet.

Care and Maintenance

Click here to download a Care and Maintenance Instruction Sheet for refinished tubs and surfaces.

Below is a photo slideshow of the progression of refinishing a tub and tile surround in two different color schemes (white tub, with granite-look tile surround). This is all done in the customer’s home with minimal impact to their living space. To dwell on an image longer, just hover your mouse over the slideshow to slow it down.

  • Before picture
    Before: Pink colored tile was outdated, and the homeowner complained that the grout had become impossible to clean.
  • Repairing tiles before refinishing
    Problem Tiles: Homeowner didn\'t want to incur expense of completely re-tiling bath. She replaced some broken tiles, but they weren\'t the same texture. We needed to hide that.
  • Exhaust fan
    Exhaust Fan: First step is to mask the area, and set up an exhaust fan. The flexible duct leads outside the house, to carry odors away from the living space. This is an important step, if no fan is used, the curing odor can be quite strong.
  • Refinishing tile
    Tile- First Coat: This is the first primer coat of the tile color. Here you can see that the tub is masked off, as it\'s slated to be a different color.
  • Bathtub masking
    Bathtub Masking: The tile is done and cured, one day later, I returned and masked around the tub to refinish it in white as a second step.
  • Refinished tub
    Bathtub like new! Here the bathtub has just received its new bright white finish. Goodbye pink! Notice how the over-spray footprint is very small-- no need to worry about making a mess all over your bathroom!
  • Finished product - tub
    Finished! Here is the completed job, granite-look tile and bright white bathtub. A beautiful, modern look for much less time, effort and money than a complete bathroom remodel.
  • Repaired tiles after reglazing
    Close-up: Here you can see how the granite-look hides imperfections-- the mismatched tile textures are no longer noticeable. The whole bath looks clean and new! The homeowner was thrilled!